Lifelong Development Organization has been founded in 2013 by people, coming together from different age groups and occupations, such as educators, engineers, training coaches, managers, industrial designers, public administrators, university students and industrial professionals to support social and lifelong development.
Vision: We, as the Lifelong Development Association, believe in the fact that all members of the society and especially the disadvantaged ones should be given equal chances in the fields of education, sports, social and cultural fields not depending on the existing social order for supporting the social and lifelong development. We are thinking that social development programs and projects supporting the freedom and creativity in these fields should be developed and we are giving an undertaking to work to reach these targets.
Mission: As an NGO, we are doing activities of social development programs and projects to support the lifelong development of the disadvantaged people, the children, the youth and the adults which is to say all members of the society in educational, cultural and sports fields.
+ We focus on the best
We are experts, innovative and creative.
We aim the high success and continuously work for development.
We make our decisions by thinking the whole society as well as evaluating the influences of it to the society.
+ We get responsibility
We show effective leadership and move for what is necessary to be done.
We work as a team and do plain work.
When standard solutions do not meet the requirements, we produce the most appropriate solution for the need by benefiting from our creativity, social relations, knowledge and experiences.
+ We are reliable
We have open and honest relations and keep our promises.
We rely on each other as a team and feel regard to the expertises of us.
+ We support the social development
We first listen and understand the needs.
We think about how the needs can be met and develop new aproaches.

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