PREVIFORM has a wide range of experience in the area of adult training in almost all modalities, as well as a vast experience in providing consulting in areas that specialize in Occupational Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene field and Nutrition. The company is continually searching for the best investments and strategies to increase their human and technical resources, with expertise in the area of Occupational Health and Safety and Health at Food. Thus, the company intends to respond with efficiency and high quality to the needs of their customers.
PREVIFORM provides vocational training at various European levels II, III, V. Currently these levels of training are offered through the following modalities: Certified Training; Continuous Training; Specialized Technological Training Courses.
PREVIFORM’s main objectives are: Contribute towards adult training by providing the appropriate skills required for qualified professionals;
Develop mechanisms which facilitate and promote the transaction between training and the labour market; Provide trainees with solid socio-cultural, scientific and technological training.
PREVIFORM’s target groups are small and medium enterprises in consulting of health and safety at work, food safety and training the employed/unemployed who want to invest more in their education and in the construction of a network of relationships that may contribute to the improvement of their professional career.
Conscious of the growth of the unemployment our organization provide training adapted to the needs of the unemployed, 80% of our trainees are unemployed and in risk of exclusion. The goal is simple: prepare them for immediate integration into the labour market.

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