Confederation of Independent Trade Unions- FETICO is a union created in 1978 to
represent and defend the interests of Spanish employees in the commerce sector.
Since then Fetico has become one of the main union in Spain with more than
65.000 affiliates in 2020. Nowadays Fetico brings together 14 regional federation
and it is a multisectoral organization that represents workers from all sectors of the
Fetico has national scope and its headquarter is in Madrid where work more than
50 people but the organization has representation in all the Spanish regions and
offices in more than 31 Spanish cities. 
The main aim of Fetico is to improve working and social conditions of workers. The
collective bargaining agreements signed by FETICO involve more than 400.000
workers in Spain.
Fetico encourages social progress values such as solidarity, equality and cohesion.
Its scope of work can be structured in the following areas of activity: Social
Dialogue and Collective bargaining; Training; Employment; Health and safety at
work; Equality and non-discrimination; Social responsibility